Bike-Ped Tragedy, Rally

Two pedestrians were hospitalized after being hit by cars. A bicycle riders' rights rally is set for December 21. In Northampton on December 9, Chloe Rombach, age 22, was walking when she was hit by a car. Police say she was probably in a cross-walk. As of December 19, she remained in critical condition in a hospital in Boston, where she was taken by helicopter, according to a fund-raising web site set up by her family:

Russell Sienkiewicz is police chief in Northampton. He told the Valley Post he is legally prohibited from releasing information about Rombach's health status. He said his employees are investigating the accident and deciding whether to press charges against the driver, whose name and address Sienkiewicz has.

On December 15 in Keene, a car hit Nealon Brown, age 38, while he was walking in a cross-walk. He was taken to the Keene hospital in an ambulance. The police have the name and address of the driver. A police spokesman told the Valley Post that his department was unlikely to press charges unless the victim's family asks them to.

On December 21 in Brattleboro, there will be a mass bicycle ride at 5:30 p.m. It is being organized by Alice Charkes of the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian and Coalition, which advocates for better sidewalks, bicycle paths, and other ways to keep people safe. The ride will start at Pliny Park at the corner of Main and High streets. Charkes is urging people to use lights on their bikes for the ride. For more information call Charkes; her phone number is in the Brattleboro phone book.


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