Environmental Victories

Thanks to the work of the environmental movement, solar power plants and bicycle paths are being built. New Hampshire's biggest solar power facility will likely soon be built in Hinsdale, which borders Brattleboro. In Keene, the government is set to spend $412,000 to extend an existing bike path by four miles. Pedestrians are allowed to walk on the path. The only motorized vehicles allowed on it are snowmobiles. More information about the path is at:


The city held a public hearing about the planned improvements to the path on February 13.

On January 30, the Hinsdale selectboard voted to approve a proposed solar power plant that would generate enough electricity to power more than 20,000 typical homes. It still needs state approval. The panels would go on a farm field.

Last year, the state of Vermont announced it would begin helping to pay the cost of solar panels installed on rooftops, and in other “preferred locations” like abandoned gravel pits and on structures built over parking lots (see photo), rather than solar panels built on farmland.

photo by www.vpirg.org

As of 2015, the state with the most solar power per person was Nevada. Number eight was Vermont, followed by Massachusetts. New Hampshire was not in the top 10.


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