March to Stop Sexual Harassment

On July 8 in Northampton, there will be a march and rally against sexual harassment. President Trump has boasted of sexually assaulting women. Earlier this year, Trump defended a male Fox News employee who sexually harassed five women so severely that Fox paid the women $13 million to get them to agree to not take Fox to court.

The march will start at noon at 2 Parsons Street and will end at Pulaski Park, where there will be a rally. More information is at

In other Northampton news, on July 1, there was a rally against climate change. It was organized by two groups, Climate Action Now and Mothers Out Front. They have web sites at and

About 60 people attended the rally. According to the Climate Action Now web site, one of the group's goals is “to have Massachusetts meet its energy needs through renewables and energy efficiency.” Another goal is to get people to close their accounts at banks that fund construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure, such as TD Bank. A third goal is to get politicians to pass a tax on air pollution that causes climate change.


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