Climate Rally is May 21

In Springfield on May 21 there will be a climate rally. It starts at 5 p.m. at 244 Worthington Street. The organizers have a web page at:

A major cause of climate change is overpopulation, according to:

That web page says one of the best ways to stop overpopulation is to increase women's rights. The USA is 37th best out of 177 nations ranked for women's rights. Nations that are better than the USA in the ranking include the United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hungary and Latvia. Details are at:

The average American produced about 15 tons of carbon dioxide last year. The average Ugandan produced about 0.1 ton. The average Swede produced about four tons. That data is from:

In March 2024, Stephanie Feldstein of the Center for Biological Diversity told the Valley Post, "We absolutely need to address emissions from fossil fuels and agriculture, but we can't ignore the connection between climate change, population pressure, gender equity and reproductive freedom. This isn't a problem happening far from home -- reproductive health care and women's rights are under attack here in the U.S."


In Brattleboro people who want to protect open space are waiting to see if Vermont's Republican governor will veto the budget that the Democrat-controlled state legislature approved on May 11. The USA is losing 6,000 acres of open space – mostly farmland and forestland – to development every DAY.

Vermont's effort to protect open space – and build apartments in downtowns – is called the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board. Gus Seelig runs VHCB. He did not reply to a May 11 email from the Valley Post asking how much money his agency got in the legislature's budget. The Valley Post was unable to reach a human by phone at VHCB at 8:45 a.m. on Friday, May 17, so the Post left a message for Seelig.


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