209 Greenfield Nurses Give Their Elected Leaders Power to Call a Strike

The 209 nurses at the Greenfield hospital voted October 15 to authorize a strike. That means their elected representatives in the union have the power to call a strike. The nurses went on strike... Read more »

Photo: Protesting Climate Change

This photo was taken on October 17 in Amherst. It shows activists holding a giant banner at the University of Massachusetts. The banner calls on the president of UMass to stop supporting climate... Read more »

The Valley Post Seeks Donations, Volunteers

More than 2,200 people per month read the Valley Post. Each of those people read the Post approximately once a week, on average. The Valley Post is a non-profit organization. Donations from... Read more »

Wal-Mart versus Wilderness in Greenfield

Around the nation and around the world, former sand and gravel pits have been restored to wilderness wildlife habitat. In Greenfield, Wal-Mart wants to pave a former sand and gravel pit on French... Read more »

Photo: Eviction Protest

On October 9 at 8 a.m. in Springfield, residents protested the eviction of Sue and Miguel Soto from their home. The sheriff arrived, then left without evicting the Sotos from their home at 275... Read more »