Rallies Soon

Rallies for the environment and equality are planned. On October 15 in Springfield, there will be a 4 p.m. rally outside a Price Rite store that is paying its workers low wages while the chain's owner gets rich. On October 18 in Plainfield, Massachusetts, near Northampton, there will be a noon rally against a proposed fracked gas pipeline. Fracked gas causes climate change.

There is a Facebook event page for the Springfield event, which will be at 633 Boston Road:


For more information about the Springfield rally contact Jon Weissman at wmjwj@wmjwj.org or (413) 314-3095. The event is bring organized by the local chapter of a group that has a web site at www.jwj.org.

For more information about the Plainfield event, which will be at 184 East Main Street, call Jane Crosby at (617) 699-0671 or e-mail ClimateActionNowMass@gmail.com.

More information about the pipeline and the movement to stop it is at:



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