10 Arrested at Protest

Ten Valley residents were arrested for non-violent civil disobedience at a protest against fossil fuels in Boston October 22. “It went really well,” Gabriel Shapiro told the Valley Post in a telephone interview. He lives in Amherst and was one of the people who were arrested.

Desta Cantave also lives in Amherst and was arrested at the protest. “The police cuffed us with zip ties, and took us to a police transport vehicle,” she said. “The police overall were very kind and gentle towards us and throughout my arrest I felt safe and well cared for. We were taken to a holding cell where we sang and talked about how inspired and invigorated we felt from the day’s action.”

Shapiro said the group will continue their work. Anyone who wants to join them can contact him at gabeshapiro42@gmail.com he said.

Residents of Boston and nearby towns were arrested with the people from the Valley. The protest was against a fracked gas pipeline that is under construction. In September, about 300 people attended a march and rally against the pipeline. The protest organizers have a web site at www.ResistThePipeline.org.

In Keene on October 31, there will be a march and rally against another proposed fracked gas pipeline. The march will start at 10 a.m. at Ashuelot River Park, under the arch at the main entrance to the park. There is a Facebook page with details:


The pipeline near Keene would also pass near Greenfield. More information about the movement to stop it is at:



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