1,400 to March

More than 1,400 people had RSVP'd for the Northampton Women's March as of January 16. The march is set for January 20 at 11 a.m. It will start at Sheldon Fields and end at city hall. One of the speakers at a rally after the march will be Shanique Spalding. She lives in Springfield and works as an organizer at the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund.

Planned Parenthood provides reproductive health care and sex education to millions of people worldwide. The world's leading scientists say climate change is a major threat to earth's ability to support human life. Reducing population growth would help stop climate change.

Earth's population is growing fast. In the year 1700, there were about 600 million people on earth. By 1800, there were about 900 million. In 1900, there were about 1.6 billion. In 2000, there were about 6 billion. That's according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The world's population will be about 11 billion in 2100, according to a prediction made last year by the United Nations.

President Trump is trying to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood.

The photo shows Shanique Spalding. photo from www.PioneerValleyWomensMarch.org.

More information about the march is at:



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