Local News Round-up

On September 5 at 4 p.m. in Springfield there will be a rally to protest the high on-the-job death rate for construction workers. The rally will be outside 122 Chestnut Street. Better enforcement of workplace safety laws could save the lives of some of the 5,000 or so people who die on the job annually in the USA. For example, workers are generally required to wear a safety harness when they are on a roof. For every worker who dies on the job, many more are seriously injured. One of the groups that's organizing the event has a web site at www.jwj.org.


Eight-eighty percent of governors in the USA are men. A woman from the Keene area is running for governor. Four-term state senator Molly Kelly is one of two people on the ballot in the September 11 Democratic primary. Hillary Clinton beat Trump in New Hampshire. There has never been a female president of the USA.


Brattleboro has among the nation's highest rates of pedestrian death by vehicle. That's according to:


Brattleboro-area activists who have been calling for speed cameras can take inspiration from New York City activists who had a victory on September 4 when the mayor signed into law a speed camera program. The cameras automatically mail speeding tickets.


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