Locals Among 75,000 at Climate March

Four buses, two from Northampton and two from Vermont, went to the climate march in New York city on September 17. In the city, 75,000 people marched. The number one cause of climate change is overpopulation. Details are at:


The group 350 Vermont organized the Vermont buses. The group did not reply to a September 18 email asking how many people from the county that's home to Brattleboro got on the buses.

On September 17 in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts about 35 people attended a climate rally.


Thanks to the work of bike-ped activists in Northampton and the neighboring town of Hatfield, a rail trail in Northampton may soon extend into Hatfield. Christian MilNeil works for a group that has a web site at https://mass.streetsblog.org. On September 22, he told the Valley Post, “It's a good project – it's going to be challenging to extend the rail trail further into Hatfield, because this is still a very active rail line (the other rail-trails in the area – the Norwottuck and the Manhan rail trails – follow abandoned railways, so the right-of-way was available). With active railroads, there are requirements to keep trails a comfortable distance from trains, which is reasonable, but it often makes trail projects impossible or at least very difficult and expensive. It looks like Northampton and Hatfield are able to do it here because they own the abutting land along the river, so it's not exactly a 'rail-trail' but a 'trail near rail.' This area where the river bends is a bad bottleneck for people who want to walk or bike north of Northampton – the only two roads that connect Hatfield to Northampton are essentially Route 5 (which doesn't have sidewalks for long stretches) and I-91. So where it's dangerous and unpleasant to walk or bike between Hatfield and Northampton today, this trail connection will make it a lot more feasible. I also want to flag this for your readers:”



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