Photos: A Road Returns to Nature at Robin Hood Park

These photos were taken at Robin Hood Park in Keene on May 15. The 130 acre park is less than a mile from downtown. Many historians believe that Robin Hood lived in England roughly 900 years ago. A popular book, “The Adventures of Robin Hood” by Howard Pyle was high on the bestseller list on May 15. A novel based on the real person, the book says Robin Hood stole from the rich and used the money to help poor people.

U.S. senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will host a free public forum with the U.S. ambassador from Denmark on May 18 at 7 p.m. in Brattleboro. They will discuss how the government in Denmark has taxed the rich and used the money to create jobs for unemployed people. Some of these jobs are school teachers -- resulting in smaller class sizes -- and construction workers building trains, and adding insulation and weatherstripping to homes and other buildings. More information is on the Brattleboro event is at:

A paved road in Robin Hood Park in Keene is being taken over by trees. People can accelerate this process. In Detroit, Michigan, vacant buildings are being converted to farmland. "The current plan would demolish about 10,000 houses and empty buildings in three years," according to a 2010 article headlined "Detroit to Bulldoze 40 Square Miles" at, a web site run by an NBC television station. In Brattleboro, a Home Depot store and its acres of parking lots have been vacant for five years. Hinsdale, New Hampshire is between Brattleboro and Keene. A Wal-Mart there, and its huge parking lot, have been vacant for more than two years.

More information about Robin Hood Park in Keene is at:

The park, which has several hiking trails, is home to moose and other wildlife, according to:

To enlarge a Valley Post photo, click on it, then scroll down and click, “See full-size image.” photos by Eesha Williams


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