Amtrak Getting Better in the Valley

Activists are working to make Amtrak service between Springfield and Boston faster, more frequent, and cheaper. Thanks to their work, Amtrak is set to go much faster between the Valley and New... Read more »

Valley Residents Among Thousands at Philly March

At least five people from the Valley were among the thousands who marched against climate change in Philadelphia July 24. “The march was huge,” Paki Wieland of Northampton told the Valley Post... Read more »

Rallies July 21

The environmental group is promoting rallies on July 21 in Keene and near Springfield, in Hartford, Connecticut. The Keene rally starts at 6 p.m.; the Hartford rally is at noon. Hartford... Read more »

Women Running for Top Jobs

In the Valley, activists are working to elect women to positions of power. On August 9, the Vermont primary election will decide if a woman, Sue Minter, will be on the November ballot for... Read more »

Photos: Black Lives Matter March

About 400 people marched in Brattleboro July 13. They chanted, "Black lives matter," and, "No justice, no peace, no racist police!" To enlarge a photo, click on it, then scroll down and click "see... Read more »