Vermont Nears Passage of Single-Payer Health Care; Rally May 1

In what could be a model for Massachusetts, New Hampshire and the nation, Vermont is poised to enact single-payer health care. A march and rally that will be held on May 1 in Montpelier is part of... Read more »

Springfield Incinerator Hearing is April 5

Why did an incinerator corporation recently choose Springfield, the biggest city in western Massachusetts (population 156,000) as the location for a new incinerator? Could the choice be related to... Read more »

Photo: River Valley

This photo was taken on April 2. It shows the Connecticut river; Brattleboro; Hinsdale, New Hampshire; and Bernardston, Massachusetts. To make the photo bigger, click on it, then scroll down and... Read more »

Workers to Rally April 4 in Springfield, Greenfield, Keene

On April 4, the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, Jr., there will be rallies for workers' rights in Springfield, Greenfield, and Keene. The award-winning documentary film "At the... Read more »

Photos: Native American Rock Carvings

These photos were taken on March 27. They show rock carvings, made more than 200 years ago by Abenaki Native Americans, in Bellows Falls, Vermont. That's about 20 minutes by car or Amtrak from... Read more »