Protesting TD Bank

On September 30 in Brattleboro, about two dozen people attended a rally outside TD Bank. They were protesting the bank's support for a proposed oil pipeline in North Dakota that thousands of Native Americans in North Dakota are using civil disobedience and mass protests to try to stop.

The Brattleboro rally was also in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Maresa Nielson told the Valley Post in a telephone interview on October 4. She was at the Brattleboro rally. Nielson lives in Brattleboro and is a public school teacher in Vernon, Vermont. “There was a similar rally outside another TD Bank in Vermont on the same day and a lady told the people at the rally she was closing her account because of what she learned at the rally,” Nielson said.

One of the organizers of a 2015 protest at the Brattleboro TD Bank against the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline (which the bank supported and which protesters succeeded in stopping) told the Valley Post that several passersby said they would close their accounts at TD Bank because of the protest.

The organizers of the September 30, 2016 protest in Brattleboro have a web page at:

For more information, send a message from that web page, or call Nielson at (802) 989-1672.


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