90 at Springfield Rally

In Springfield, about 90 people attended a rally against police brutality. The rally was on November 21 in the afternoon outside the mayor's house. “The mayor and his wife kind of slinked away,” Tara Parrish told the Valley Post in a voice phone interview on November 23. “They got in their car and drove off.” Parrish works for the group that organized the rally. It has a web site at www.PioneerValleyProject.org.

The rally then moved to outside the police commissioner's house.

“We plan to disrupt the status quo until we get meaningful police reform,” Parris said.

Protesting TD Bank

On September 30 in Brattleboro, about two dozen people attended a rally outside TD Bank. They were protesting the bank's support for a proposed oil pipeline in North Dakota that thousands of Native Americans in North Dakota are using civil disobedience and mass protests to try to stop.