Rally for Farmworker Rights

On June 10, billionaire Bill Gates told the New York Times he is building a nuclear power plant in Wyoming. In 2014, the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor closed permanently because thousands of... Read more »

Protest Works

In a victory for education and workers' rights, protesters in Northampton got some of what they wanted when the mayor announced more school funding on June 5. As of June 7, the city council had... Read more »

Vacant Home Depot May Become Apartments, Farmland

The Amherst Young Feminist Party organized a walkout and rally with about 200 students from Amherst middle and high school on May 24, according to the group's facebook page. The goal was to... Read more »

250 Rally

About 100 people rallied against proposed budget cuts at Northampton public schools, Scott McLennan told the Valley Post. He works for the teachers' union. The union has a web site at Read more »

Climate Rally is May 21

In Springfield on May 21 there will be a climate rally. It starts at 5 p.m. at 244 Worthington Street. The organizers have a web page at:

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