Brattleboro Planned Parenthood Rally

Earth's population is growing fast. In the year 1700, there were about 600 million people on earth. By 1800, there were about 900 million. In 1900, there were about 1.6 billion. In 2000, there... Read more »

Local News Roundup

The 200 or so nurses at the Greenfield hospital will go on strike on June 26 unless management agrees to stop assigning so many patients to each nurse that it is impossible to provide good quality... Read more »

Teachers, Healthcare Activists Fight Back

In Northampton on June 4, dozens of people protested a plan by President Trump and the Republican-controlled congress to eliminate health insurance for poor people. The activists staged a... Read more »

Photo: Northampton 'Dump Trump' March

This photo was taken on June 3 in Northampton. It shows hundreds of people marching, led by Debby Pastrich-Klemer (in blue shoes) and three other people. Pastrich-Klemer organized the march, which... Read more »

March for Truth About Trump

On June 3 in Northampton, there will be a march calling on President Trump to release his tax returns, and demanding that Congress investigate collusion between Russia and Trump to help him get... Read more »