Photo: Owl Near Amherst

This photo of a Saw-whet owl was taken recently at a Kestrel Land Trust preserve in Belchertown, Massachusetts, near Amherst. Saw-whet owls sleep during most of the day and stay awake at night.... Read more »

Better Train Service Coming to the Valley

Passenger rail service between towns and cities in the Valley, and between the Valley and New York City and Montreal, Canada, is getting faster and more frequent. Ticket prices may go down, if... Read more »

Wisconsin Nuke Will Close; Vermont Yankee Fight Continues

The last time that a nuclear power plant was ordered and built in the United States was in 1973. There are now 65 nuclear power plants in the nation. Soon, there will be 64. On October 22, the... Read more »

Connecticut River Headwaters in Peril

The Connecticut river starts in New Hampshire, near the state’s borders with Vermont and Canada. It flows through Brattleboro, Greenfield, Northampton, Holyoke, and Springfield on its way to the... Read more »

Photo: Springfield Victory

Usually, when a giant corporate bank wants to evict a low-income family from the family’s home, that’s what happens. But on October 12 in Springfield, the family won. More than 100 people took... Read more »