Workers Will Rally for Justice in Springfield and Hadley

In the Valley, hundreds of workers at Verizon are negotiating a union contract with the phone, cable TV, and internet company. While paying its CEO millions of dollars annually, Verizon says it... Read more »

Bills to Address Bullying by Bosses

Bullying by bosses leads some workers to commit acts of violence, and causes stress-related health problems in many more workers. Massachusetts is poised to become the first state in the nation to... Read more »

Town Near Amherst to Get Universal Fast Internet

On June 2, the people of Leverett, Massachusetts voted to spend $3.6 million to provide every home in their town with fast internet. Leverett has a population of about 2,000. It borders... Read more »

Photos: River Swimming

These photos show people swimming in a local river on May 27. With temperatures in the 80s and sunny skies, the water was cool and refreshing. These photos were taken from the same spot on the... Read more »

Private Prison May Be Built in NH Near Brattleboro

A private corporation in Tennessee wants to erect a prison in Hinsdale, New Hampshire that would lock about 1,600 people in cages. Hinsdale borders Brattleboro and the Massachusetts town of... Read more »