Photos: River Swimming

These photos show people swimming in a local river on May 27. With temperatures in the 80s and sunny skies, the water was cool and refreshing. These photos were taken from the same spot on the... Read more »

Private Prison May Be Built in NH Near Brattleboro

A private corporation in Tennessee wants to erect a prison in Hinsdale, New Hampshire that would lock about 1,600 people in cages. Hinsdale borders Brattleboro and the Massachusetts town of... Read more »

Civil Disobedience at Valley Nuke Set For July 1

Anti-nuclear activists are planning to risk arrest for non-violent civil disobedience at the entrance to the Vermont Yankee nuclear power reactor on July 1. They are asking the public to join... Read more »

Massachusetts Minimum Wage Could Go Up This Summer

A bill to raise the minimum wage in Massachusetts passed a key legislative committee vote last month. The only legislator from the Valley listed as a supporter on the bill’s web page is... Read more »

Photo: Connecticut River in Downtown Brattleboro

This photo was taken on May 10 from an apartment in downtown Brattleboro. It shows the Connecticut River, and train tracks that Amtrak uses for service from Brattleboro to Springfield, New York... Read more »