Photo: Snowy Forest Near Brattleboro

This photo was taken on March 1 in Dummerston, Vermont, near Brattleboro. About a foot of snow fell that day, after a winter of very little snow. To enlarge the photo, click on it, then scroll... Read more »

Vermont Imprisons African Americans at High Rate

More than 10 percent of the people in Vermont prisons are African American. Just 1 percent of people in Vermont are black. Curtiss Reed is director of the Brattleboro-based Vermont Partnership for... Read more »

Photo: Hadley Hayfield

This photo was taken in Hadley, Massachusetts, near Northampton, on February 22. Hay fields like this one are usually mowed a few times a year, depending on the weather. A cow that isn't grazing... Read more »

Springfield Nurses Rally Is February 28

Nurses are asking the public to join them at a rally for justice in Springfield on February 28 at 9:30 a.m. “We want the community to understand that we are very serious about retaining our... Read more »

Photo: Sap Flowing, Maple Syrup Is Being Made

Stuart and John’s Sugarhouse is in Westmoreland, New Hampshire. That's about a 10 minute drive from Brattleboro. On February 11, Stuart Adams, one of the farm's owners, collected sap and used it... Read more »