445 Acres Near Keene to Be Saved

Next month or in April, a local land trust will almost certainly protect 300 acres of forestland in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, between Keene and Brattleboro, said a spokesperson. "We expect to... Read more »

Dozens Say: 'No War Vehicle for Keene Police'

Residents of Keene are protesting a plan by their city's police chief to buy an armored military assault vehicle. Keene is home to around 23,000 people and is surrounded by miles of forestland and... Read more »

From New York, A Way to Shut Valley Nuke

The following article is by Karl Grossman. He is a professor of journalism at the State University of New York in Old Westbury, a long-time investigative reporter, and author of the book Power... Read more »

Valley Nuke Owner Wins in Court; Protests Planned

A federal judge ruled on January 19 in favor of Entergy Corporation of Louisiana, which sued Vermont because the state ordered the company to permanently close its Vermont Yankee nuclear power... Read more »

Clean Energy Boost

Two existing dams near Brattleboro will likely soon be used to generate roughly the amount of electricity used by 6,000 people. The dams are along the West river, which meets the Connecticut river... Read more »