Springfield Man Free After Years in Prison for Crime He Didn’t Commit

A young African American man from Springfield could have spent the rest of his life in prison for a murder in Springfield that he did not commit. Instead, Charles Wilhite was freed on January 17... Read more »

Photo: Vermont Forest and Lake

This photo shows the town of Somerset, Vermont, near Brattleboro. It was taken on January 14. The town has a population of three, according to the 2010 census. Somerset is approximately the shape... Read more »

A New Way to Save Money and the Planet

New technology lets people insulate and seal leaks in homes and other buildings cheaply. An infrared video camera with a portable screen attached lets anyone see cold air entering a building... Read more »

Photo: Cross-Country Skiing Near Greenfield

This photo was taken on January 6 in Northfield, Massachusetts, near Greenfield. It shows cross-country skiers at the Northfield Mountain Cross-Country Ski Area. The trails are groomed using a... Read more »

Community Supports Worker Fired for Union Organizing

Shirley Lewis was recently fired from her job in Northampton because of her support for an ongoing effort by her co-workers to form a union. That’s according to a spokesman for the nation’s... Read more »