Bike-Ped Victories

In mid-July, a new pedestrian and bicycle path will open in Keene, Kurt Blomquist told the Valley Post on June 23. He runs the city's Public Works department. A local group of volunteers successfully lobbied for the trail. Chuck Redfern is a member of the group. β€œThe trail will reach Stonewall Farm from downtown Keene,” Redfern told the Valley Post last year. The group's web site is Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the path. The project will cost $132,000. is three miles from downtown Keene. It is a dairy farm that is open to the public and has educational programs. It has hundreds of acres of pasture and forest, and miles of walking trails.

Next year, a $2.2 million bridge for pedestrians, bicycles and snowmobiles will be built over Route 101, about 100 yards southeast of the Keene Walmart store. No motorized vehicles except snowmobiles will be allowed. It will look like the pedestrian and bicycle bridge that opened in 2012 near the corner of West Street and Route 9 in Keene. Photos of that bridge – which does not allow any motorized vehicles – are at:

Walking and riding a bicycle reduces obesity. Treatment of obesity-related health problems for people without health insurance costs taxpayers billions of dollars a year.

Walking or riding a bicycle, rather than driving, is good for the environment. Cars cause global warming.

The Cheshire Rail Trail is 42 miles long and goes from Keene to Winchester, New Hampshire.

More information about the Cheshire Rail Trail, and photos of the trail, are at:

The Ashuelot Rail Trail is 23 miles long and goes from Keene to Hinsdale, New Hampshire. Hinsdale borders Brattleboro, Vermont. More information about the Ashuelot Rail Trail trail, and a photo of the trail, are at:

There are rail trails in Brattleboro and Northampton:


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