Court Date for 134 Peace Protesters Arrested

On July 17, some of the 134 people who were arrested in Amherst on May 7 for protesting UMass's support of Israel's war on Gaza had a court date. The protest was peaceful. The UMass professors'... Read more »

Big Win for Home Healthcare Workers

On July 8, in Brattleboro dozens of home healthcare workers announced their union had a major win. “We voted to ratify a new agreement with the state of Vermont regarding the minimum hourly rate... Read more »

Protest Leads to a Win for Workers and Education

In a victory for education and workers' rights, protesters in Northampton got some of what they wanted July 2 when the city council voted to approve the mayor's revised school budget, Rachel... Read more »

Workers Unite

About 40 workers voted to form a union in Monson, Massachusetts. Monson is 10 miles from downtown Springfield. The workers work at Holistic Industries, a Washington, DC-based cannabis company.... Read more »

81 Rally

In Greenfield on June 23, a women's rights rally was moved indoors due to the heatwave. Seventy-one people were there. “Here in Franklin county in the past year (a local nonprofit) served 1,933... Read more »