Brattleboro March is Nov. 18

There will be a march to demand Vermont's two U.S. senators call for a ceasefire in Gaza. The march will start by the Brattleboro food co-op at noon on November 18. "Israel is the largest... Read more »

Workers Win

In Greenfield about 60 people attended a rally to call on Biden and congress to stop funding Israel's war in Palestine. The November 4 rally was organized by a group that has a web site at Read more »

Save the Forest

About 50 people in a town with a population of about 900 showed up for a meeting to save a forest. The meeting was in Wendell, Massachusetts on October 24. Wendell borders Montague, which borders... Read more »

1,300 March, Rally; 57 Arrested

On October 25 in Amherst, 57 people were arrested for non-violent civil disobedience and about 600 marched. They were demanding UMass cut its ties with military contractors, and that Biden and... Read more »

Photo: Indigo Girls Concert

The Indigo Girls will soon play near Springfield. Click "music" above for details. On October 24 the band played an excellent concert in Morristown, New Jersey. photo by Eesha... Read more »