400 at Rallies for Immigrant Rights

On July 18 in Springfield there will be a rally to stop a giant corporate bank from evicting a low-income family from the family's home. The group that's organizing the rally has beaten banks in Springfield in the past. A photo of one such victory is below. The group has a web site at www.SpringfieldNoOneLeaves.org. To enlarge the photo, click on it, then scroll down and click “see full size image.” This photo is by Joe Oliverio. He can be reached at joeoliverio@comcast.net.

The rally will be outside 98 Welland Road at 6 p.m.


On July 12, more than 400 people attended rallies in Greenfield, Brattleboro and Keene to protest Trump's treatment of immigrants. The below photo of Susan Hay speaking at the Keene rally was taken by Jim Murphy. To enlarge the photo, click on it, then scroll down and click “see full size image.” One of the groups that organized the Keene rally has a web site at www.MonadProAlliance.org.


In 2014 the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant near Brattleboro was permanently closed thanks to hundreds of people who were arrested for non-violent civil disobedience and thousands who marched in Brattleboro. Now one of the main organizers of that mass movement is asking people to contact their elected officials to protect children at the public elementary school that is directly across the street from Vermont Yankee. The reactor will likely be demolished next year. “The kids need to be moved out of the school when that happens,” Deb Katz told the Valley Post on July 12. She runs a group that has web site at www.NukeBusters.org. “The internals at Vermont Yankee are highly radioactive. Basically (Trump's) Nuclear Regulatory Commission classifies everything except the fuel rods as 'low level' waste. Being 'low level' doesn’t mean that dealing with this waste (and potential worker and public exposure) isn’t dangerous. During the decommissioning of Yankee Rowe (nuclear power plant near Greenfield) and the cutting up of the internals, Yankee Atomic released hot particles contaminating the site. Rowe occupied 2,000 acres; Vermont Yankee's site is a little over a hundred acres with a school located across the street. Cleanup of reactors used to be classified as a major federal action requiring extensive oversight by NRC and EPA. NRC deregulated decommissioning in the 1990s, eliminating EPA oversight (except for ground water), limiting NRC oversight, curtailing transparency, and eviscerating the hearing rights of impacted communities and states.”


The Vermont Land Trust announced on July 15 it has permanently protected from development 257 acres of farmland and forestland in Rockingham, Vermont. Rockingham is about 20 minutes from Brattleboro on Amtrak.


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