Activists Take to the Streets

In Springfield on February 5 there was a rally to protest the U.S. senate's acquittal of Trump. The rally was outside city hall. “We had about 50 people, which was great considering we just posted the event less than 48 hours before,” organizer Jackie Neiman told the Valley Post. The organizers have a web site at


On February 13 at Mount Holyoke College there be a climate rally. It will be outside Blanchard Hall at 12:20 p.m. A campus map is at:

The organizers wrote, “Eighty-eight percent of the student body has voted to end MHC's investment in fossil fuels. In response, the board of trustees refused to divest. Join us for a national day of action demanding that Mount Holyoke College divests their endowment from fossil fuels. Come to hear speakers, and to put pressure on the board before their upcoming meeting on campus."

Organizer Kayla Fennell told the Valley Post, "The public is welcome to attend.” Thirty people had RSVP'd as of February 7. More information is at:


Sean M. Wilson was a Brattleboro police officer from July 2016 until November 2018. His girlfriend recently told police he assaulted her many times. In November 2018, he switched to a job as a police officer in Essex, Vermont. He resigned from that job last year. On February 6, Sarah George told the Valley Post, "He was arraigned on Monday to charges of domestic assault and criminal threatening. His next court date is scheduled for March 11." George is Chittenden county State's Attorney.


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