Farmland Saved

On April 9, a land trust in Keene announced it had permanently protected 37 acres of farmland in Chesterfield, New Hampshire from development. Chesterfield borders Brattleboro. The land trust is the Monadnock Conservancy. The below photo shows the land with Lucky Evans and his daughter Ingrid. photo by Monadnock Conservancy

Protecting open space is one of the best ways to stop climate change, which the world's leading scientists say is a major threat to earth's ability to support human life. Saving forests and farmland encourages people to live in places like downtown Northampton, where it's possible to live car free. Multi-family housing is more energy efficient than single family houses. In New York City, millionaires live in apartments.


In Springfield, Massachusetts, Liberty Mutual insurance corporation has an office. "Fossil fuel projects need three things to continue wreaking havoc: political support, financial backing, and insurance. Liberty Mutual has already provided a $15.6 million dollar bond to cover construction risks in South Dakota along the (Keystone XL fossil fuel pipeline) route. Not only does Liberty Mutual insure Keystone XL, but they also have at least $8.9 billion invested in tar sands projects with fossil fuel companies," said Nkenge Abidemi on April 8. She works for Boycotting Liberty Mutual is most effective if people tell the company why they are doing so.


Many of the people who work at dairy farms in the Valley are undocumented Mexican immigrants. They are often unable to keep six feet apart due to cramped living quarters. The workers have limited access to health care. To find out how you can help visit


A giant garbage corporation is using the epidemic as an excuse to landfill recycling and compost. Casella corporation deals with the garbage and recycling from Windham county, which is home to Brattleboro. The company has 2,300 workers. "We know of no state that has decided to end its recycling programs during this health emergency. If recycling can still happen in a hot spot like New York City, why should Vermont turn its back on this important environmental program? Casella's proposal is not supported by local solid waste officials in Vermont," said Paul Burns. He runs a group that has a web site at “We support giving sanitation workers all the protective equipment they need to be safe in their jobs. We urge the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Health Department to take a look at current waste and recycling collection practices, and issue guidance if necessary, to improve practices during this crisis. But there is scant evidence to suggest that diverting recyclables or organic matter from the waste stream presents a greater risk than trashing it all together.”


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