160 March

About 160 people marched in South Hadley, Massachusetts on March 8. They were protesting a decision by Mount Holyoke College, which has $789 million in its endowment, to close a child care center. South Hadley borders Holyoke. “This impacts women most,” Andrea Fernandes told the Valley Post in a voice phone interview on March 10. She is one of the march organizers.

The group that organized the march has a web page at:


The below photo shows the march. To enlarge the photo, click on it then scroll down and click “see full size image.” photo by Doug Thayer


The group Code Pink has a western Massachusetts chapter. Maxine Garcia is a Code Pink spokeswoman. According to a March 4 New York Times article, women are taking the lead in organizing -- and attending -- huge pro-democracy protests in Myanmar. Garcia referred the Valley Post to www.RohingyaCampaign.org for information on how people can support the Myanmar protests. She also said Code Pink will send out an email alert next week about ways to help the protesters in Myanmar. To sign up for the alerts go to www.CodePink.org.


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