Wins for Nature, Justice; 500 March, Rally

In Brattleboro on June 24 about 150 people attended an abortion rights rally, Eileen Sullivan told the Valley Post. She works for Planned Parenthood. In Northampton on the same day about the same number of people attended a rally for the same cause, organizer Debby Pastrich-Klemer told the Valley Post. Two groups helped her: Valley Women’s March and Indivisible Northampton. “150 people is great for a last-minute event,” Pastrich-Klemer said. The protests were in response to a supreme court decision issued hours earlier. Now it's up to Biden and congress to over-rule the court. Biden says he will do it if congress does.

In Springfield on June 24 about 100 people attended an abortion rights rally, Donna Haghighat told the Valley Post. She runs the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts and she was at the Springfield rally.

In Greenfield on June 24 about 25 people attended an abortion rights rally, retired nurse Emily Greene told the Valley Post. “It was good to see younger people,” she said.

The biggest cause of climate change is over-population. That's according to:


Valley people were among 150,000 or so people at a march in Washington, DC on June 18. The goal of the march was to get politicians to help poor people. The organizers have a web site at

“We had about 60 people on the bus from Pioneer Valley, but many more who traveled by train or car,” organizer Kate Pousont Scarborough told the Valley Post.

At least 15 people from the county that's home to Brattleboro traveled to DC for the march, organizer Ellen Schwartz told the Valley Post.

On June 18 about 25 people attended a Greenfield rally in support of the march in Washington, DC.


In Holyoke, environmental activists had a big win. “We're thrilled,” a spokeswoman for a group called No Dump On Mount Tom told the Valley Post on June 18. The group successfully lobbied the state to spend about a million dollars to buy land for a 38 acre park.


In 2019 in Springfield, hundreds of people marched to demand that state politicians pass a law so undocumented immigrants can get driver's licenses. The Valley Post was at the march and posted photos at:

On June 17, 2022 organizers announced they won. The above link has details.


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