Occupation Ongoing at Smith College

More than 200 Smith college students occupied the administration building at the college starting March 27. The 24 hour a day occupation was continuing as of about 1 p.m. on March 29, with dozens of students in the building. They were calling on the college to stop investing in corporations that make bombs, guns, and other supplies used by Israel to kill people in Gaza. The USA provides much of the money for the genocide. A spokesperson for the Smith protesters told the Valley Post they will provide a comment soon. The Valley Post will include the comment in a future article.

Work is Underway on New $10 Million Amtrak Station

Thanks to peace protesters, on March 19, the Greenfield city council voted to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. The day before, about 25 people attended a rally in Greenfield for this cause. The organizers have a web site at www.traprock.org.


On March 19, an Amtrak spokesman told the Valley Post of the new, $10 million Brattleboro Amtrak station, “We anticipate starting construction this summer.”

70 People March Eight Miles

About 70 people marched about eight miles from Amherst to Northampton on March 10. They were protesting China's occupation of Tibet. Most of the marchers were of Tibetan ancestry. The organizers have a web page at:



Fight is On to Stop Proposed Starbucks in Greenfield

In Brattleboro on February 27, about 25 to 30 people attended a rally. The rally was to call on the Brattleboro high school (BUHS) to do more for survivors of sexual abuse. Diana Whitney is one of the organizers. She told the Valley Post, "The rally was small but immensely powerful. Around 25-30 people came, from all generations— survivors, advocates, allies, BUHS students and parents, a BUHS teacher... even former/current school board members. An advocate from the Women’s Freedom Center spoke about the insidious nature of rape culture and the power of being visible in the community.

175 at Rallies

In Northampton about 150 people attended a rally to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, organizers told the Valley Post. The rally was on February 16. In Greenfield on February 21, about 25 people attended a rally for the same cause, organizers told the Valley Post. One of the groups that organized the rallies has a web site at www.jvp.org.


50 at Greenfield Peace Rally

In Greenfield about 50 people attended a rally to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. The organizers have web sites at www.traprock.org and www.jvp.org. The rally was on February 10.


In Brattleboro on February 27 there will be a rally to protest the school board's decision last month to stop investigating alleged sexual abuse by school employees. The rally will be outside 107 Atwood Street from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m., during the nearby school board meeting at the same time, one of the organizers told the Valley Post. For more information click:

330 Rally

In Northampton, about 300 people attended a rally to call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, the organizers told the Valley Post. The organizers have a web site at www.jvp.org. The rally was on February 4. On February 6 in Springfield, about 30 doctors, nurses and other health workers held a rally for the same cause. They delivered a letter signed by about 200 local health workers to congressman Richard Neal's office.

Workers Unite

On February 1 in Northampton, about 400 workers formed a union. They work in the dining halls at Smith College. The federal government conducted a secret ballot election, which the workers won overwhelmingly. The workers have a web site at www.opeiuLocal153.org.

In the 1930s, workers went on strike around the USA, forcing politicians to pass the first minimum wage laws. To this day, unions lobby to raise the minimum wage. On average, union workers make $191 more per week than non-union workers. Inequality is bad for democracy. Billionaires buy politicians.


Rallies for Abortion Rights, Affordable Housing

In Northampton on January 20 about 65 people attended an abortion rights rally, organizer Marisol Pierce Bonifaz told the Valley Post. The event was organized by the group Generation Ratify Amherst.

A major cause of climate change is overpopulation, according to:


The average American produced about 15 tons of carbon dioxide last year. The average Ugandan produced about 0.1 ton. The average Swede produced about 4 tons. That data is from:



Teachers' Union Rally is Jan. 8

On January 8 in Westhampton, Massachusetts there will be a teachers' union rally. Westhampton borders Northampton. The rally will be at 5:30 p.m. outside 19 Stage Road in Westhampton. Details are at: