Victory for Housing Advocates

In a win for activists who fight for affordable housing, downtown Brattleboro will get a new apartment building. “This project will provide beautiful new homes for folks wanting to live close to all the amenities available in downtown Brattleboro," Elizabeth Bridgewater told the Valley Post on March 8. She runs the non-profit group that will build the housing. Bridgewater's group has a web site at

The building will be constructed at 23 Flat Street, which is now a vacant lot, and will have about two dozen apartments.

The world's leading scientists say climate change is a major threat to earth's ability to support human life. One of the biggest causes of climate change is cars. Protecting farmland and forestland in the Valley encourages people to live in downtowns like Nortampton and Keene, where it's possible to live without a car. The USA is losing 6,000 acres of open space every day, according to That web site has information about how to protect open space.

Politicians decide how much to invest in protecting open space and building affordable housing in downtowns, versus war, tax cuts for billionaires, and prison for non-violent people.

In other news from the Valley, school bus drivers in Holyoke are asking the public to sign a petition at:

The drivers have a union, which has a web site at The below photo was taken on March 5. It shows some of the school bus drivers and some of their supporters at a rally in Holyoke. To enlarge the photo, click on it, then scroll down and click “see full size image.” photo by Patrick Burke

In other news from the Valley, there will be a rally in Keene for Medicare for All. The rally will be on April 7 at 11 a.m. at Central Square. More information is at:


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