4 More Protesters Arrested

Four more people were arrested for non-violent civil disobedience August 12 at Wendell Massachusetts State Forest near Greenfield, bringing the total number of arrests to six since August 6. The goal of the ongoing protest is to stop planned logging of 80 acres of 110 year old oak trees on publicly owned land. Logging causes climate change.

The people who were arrested on August 12 are Wendell, Massachusetts residents Jim Thornly and Morgan Mead; Miriam Kurland of Goshen, Massachusetts; and Priscilla Lynch of Conway, Massachusetts.

In a phone interview, Lynch told the Valley Post, “Getting arrested was the last resort. All our efforts to talk with the people in charge failed.” The talks lasted for months.

The activists are asking people who want to risk arrest for non-violent civil disobedience – and people who want to provide “jail support” or just learn more – to come to Wendell State Forest as soon as possible.

The activists are in the forest all the time, or almost all the time. At least one of the activists is usually at the ranger station to direct people to the protest. The station is at 392 Montague Road in Wendell, Massachusetts.

More information, and links to the organizers' Facebook pages, are at:


A phone number, e-mail address, and snail mail address are at:



In Keene on August 12 about 40 people attended a rally to demand politicians act to prevent more people from being killed in mass shootings. In Ohio and Texas 31 people were killed in mass shootings this month.

D'Vorah Kelley was at the Keene rally. She told the Valley Post, “There was a large group of young people there. Connor Hill, age 18, organized it and spoke about the importance of continuing to gather and spread the message of love.”

U.S. senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said this month that, if she's elected president, she will expand background check requirements for gun buyers, and push congress to create a federal gun licensing system. Warren said these changes will save thousands of lives.


Swanzey, New Hampshire borders Keene. This summer the town announced it has received a grant for an $800,000 or so project to fix its part of a rail trail that goes from downtown Keene to less than a mile from downtown Brattleboro. The trail is open to the public for walking, bicycle riding, and cross country skiing. No motorized vehicles are allowed. The rail trail, formerly home to trains and train tracks, is almost completely flat. Details are at:



3 more people were arrested

3 more people were arrested today.

Gia Neswald

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