90 at Springfield Rally

In Springfield, about 90 people attended a rally against police brutality. The rally was on November 21 in the afternoon outside the mayor's house. “The mayor and his wife kind of slinked away,” Tara Parrish told the Valley Post in a voice phone interview on November 23. “They got in their car and drove off.” Parrish works for the group that organized the rally. It has a web site at www.PioneerValleyProject.org.

The rally then moved to outside the police commissioner's house.

“We plan to disrupt the status quo until we get meaningful police reform,” Parris said.

On July 8 the federal justice department released a report that said police officers in Springfield routinely punch people in the face for no good reason. The cops are never punished for doing this, the report said.

No nation keeps such a high percentage of its people in prison as the USA. Europe's rate in a third of ours.

The USA's prison system is racist. The state with the most racist prison system is Vermont. Just 1 percent of Vermonters are African American, but 9 percent of the state's prisoners are black.


Two of the best ways to fight climate change are protecting farmland and forestland from development, and building apartments where public transportation is available. Apartments can be nice -- in New York City, millionaires live in apartments.

Thanks to activists who persuaded politicians to raise taxes on rich people and use the money to protect open space and build affordable housing, 27 apartments are being built in Brattleboro along a bus route. Details are at:


Northfield, Massachusetts borders Gill, which borders Greenfield. In Northfield, nine acres of forestland has been protected from development, Craig Gilvarg told the Valley Post on November 20. He works for the state energy and environmental affairs department.


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