700 Nurses Win Strike

Seven hundred nurses won a strike at a hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts. Worcester is 50 minutes by car from Springfield. Worcester is 25 minutes by car from the Pioneer Valley town of East Brookfield. On December 17, the Texas-based corporation that owns the Worcester hospital, and the elected leaders of the nurses' union, announced a deal to end the strike. The deal will be final if the 700 or so nurses vote to approve it. That vote is set for January 3.

Marlena Pellegrino is a nurse at the hospital. “This agreement, and the improvements it includes, was hard fought, and represents a true victory, not only for the nurses, but more importantly, for our patients and our community, who will have access to better nursing care, which was why our members walked that strike line for the last nine months through four seasons,” she said.

The strike lasted 285 days.

The nurses have a web site at www.MassNurses.org. The hospital is St. Vincent.

In July, the Valley Post traveled to the picket line and spoke with nurses there. Photos, and interviews, are at:



The town of Montague, Massachusetts borders Greenfield. On December 24 at 2 p.m. in Montague there will be a rally to call on politicians to provide good quality homes for homeless people. The rally will be outside 340 Montague City Road, organizer Cate Woolner told the Valley Post.


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