55 March, Rally

About 40 teachers marched in Greenfield on December 21. They were calling on the school board to negotiate a fair union contract. On December 22 the teachers posted a photo of their march at:


The average worker in the USA who belongs to a union makes $191 more per week than the average non-union worker. Reducing inequality is good for democracy since billionaires buy politicians.


On December 17 in Greenfield about 15 people attended a rally calling on Biden to change the USA's Cuba policy. Greenfield organizer Emily Greene told the Valley Post, specifically the protesters want Biden to “end the embargo and sanctions, and the false claim that Cuba is a state sponsor of terrorism.”

There will be similar rallies for Cuba in January inside the Hadley Mall (if the mall approves the protesters' application) and in February at UMass.

Last month at the United Nations, the USA voted against a resolution to end the USA's blockade of Cuba. The vast majority of other nations voted to end the blockade.

The USA's policy “has impaired the ability of even third-country humanitarian efforts to supply assistance to Cuba, including helping rebuild in the aftermath of hurricane Ian. It ... blocks trade with third countries by imposing huge fines of billions of dollars, including on European banks, for assisting customers with non-military, purely commercial trade with Cuba.” That's according to:



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