170 Rally

About 125 people attended a rally in Northampton on January 22. The goal was abortion rights. One of the organizers was Beth Lev of the group Indivisible Northampton. On January 24, she told the Valley Post there was a minor error in the Gazette's article about the rally. “The Women's Wave rally that Alice (Jenkins) organized previously was in October 2022, not May.”

Lev said, “If people want to know how to get involved in the fight for reproductive justice, they can check out this continuously updated document put out by the feminist action team of the statewide Indivisible group:


We handed out cards at the rally with a QR code linked to this document, and ran out.”


On January 26, about 30 people attended a peace rally in Northampton. They want Biden to change his new plan to send tanks to Ukraine. One of the organizers was Paki Wieland of Massachusetts Peace Action. On January 27, she told the Valley Post, “The gathering of 30 people from college students to Vietnam era protesters is a reminder that the antiwar movement is alive and well. Called only 24 hours earlier, people came from groups across the valley. Present were members of the Buddhist Peace Pagoda, Mass Peace Action, CodePink, Veterans for Peace, Demilitarize Western Mass, and groups from the University of Massachusetts, Dissenters and the anti-Imperialist Marxists. The Latin American Solidarity Committee and the committee for a Nuclear Free Future joined in. Also present were members of the Anti Imperialist Action Committee. This was truly a coalition of people who are working for a world without war. This gathering was not a 'flash in the pan,' you will see and hear more from us in the future.”


In Greenfield on January 21, 14 people attended a peace rally. They want Biden to ban nuclear bombs. On January 26, organizer Emily Greene told the Valley Post, “The war mentality that our country is run by is taking us down a very dangerous road. We handed out leaflets about nuclear weapons. We oppose the (US funded) Saudi war against Yemen, Israel against Palestine (also US funded), war in many countries in Africa, the Ukraine war, and the ever increasing threat from the US to China. There is a movement to go to DC to protest against all the US wars.”


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