250 Rally

About 150 people attended a rally on April 18 in Belchertown, Massachusetts, which borders Amherst. They were defending the rights of Jewish people. The principal of Belchertown's Jabish Brook middle school on April 3 said the school was investigating recent anti-Semitic behavior by many students at the school. Students did Nazi salutes and joked about the Holocaust.

One of the organizers of the rally was Belchertown resident Aaron Saunders. He is a member of the state legislature. On April 20, Saunders told the Valley Post, “I received a number of calls, texts, and emails from community members who wanted to be there, but had work or family obligations that prevented their attendance. Those messages added to the strong show of support from community members gathering on short notice in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday.”

Nora Gorenstein is the CEO of the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts. She spoke at the rally. On April 20, Gorenstein told the Valley Post, “I recommend that folks visit our website at www.JewishWesternMass.org to learn more about what’s going on in our local Jewish community and to stay connected.”


In Hadley, Massachusetts on April 17, about 45 workers and supporters attended a rally outside Barnes and Noble. Hadley borders Northampton. The workers are organizing a union. They have a web site at www.ufcw1459.com.


In Greenfield on April 15, about 40 people attended a peace rally. The organizers have a web site at www.traprock.org.


In Dummerston, Vermont on April 15, seven people attended a rally to call on the state to buy 70 acres of forestland and wetlands to protect it from development. Dummerston borders Brattleboro. The below photos show the rally. photos by Eesha Williams


There is a Ben and Jerry's ice cream store in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Deerfield borders Greenfield. On April 17 workers at the Ben and Jerry's store in Burlington, Vermont announced they are organizing a union. The Burlington workers can be reached via Liz Medina at the Vermont AFL-CIO. Medina's phone number is 802-272-6421 and her email is vslcaflcio@gmail.com.


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