95 Rally

In a victory for nature, farmland has been saved. Developers had planned to pave it. The land borders Brattleboro and the Connecticut river. It's in Dummerston, Vermont. It is 49 acres. The Dummerston farmland committee, appointed by the select board, led this effort. The deal was announced on December 14. Funding came from votes at the annual town meeting from 2003 until Covid. The meeting will resume in 2024. The next step is to convert the land to organic farming. More information is available via:



In Springfield on December 13, about 30 people were at a rally to stop a giant corporate bank from evicting a poor woman from her home. A spokesperson for the group Springfield No One Leaves told the Valley Post, “The rally went well. State rep Bud Williams, city council president Jesse Lederman and city councilor Malo Brown were there to call on Wilmington Trust to stop the move-out and sell back to the family.” Springfield is home to 154,000 people, most of whom are people of color.


In Northampton on December 14, about 65 people were at a rally outside the courthouse at 15 Gothic Street. They were supporting six people who were arrested in Northampton in October for nonviolent civil disobedience calling for peace. “The rally was great,” organizer Priscilla Lynch told the Valley Post in a voice phone interview. “It was heartwarming.” She and the other organizers have a web page at:



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