Vacant Home Depot May Become Apartments, Farmland

The Amherst Young Feminist Party organized a walkout and rally with about 200 students from Amherst middle and high school on May 24, according to the group's facebook page. The goal was to increase access in the USA to reproductive healthcare. Mindy Domb is a member of the state legislature. She spoke at the rally. The group's web site is:


In Brattleboro in March 2024, Oscar Heller got 1,095 votes for selectboard, the equivalent of mayor and city council. He lost to his opponent who got 1,115 votes. On May 29, 2024, Heller and the Valley Post had the following conversation by facebook message:

Valley Post: I like what you said in yesterday's page 1 Brattleboro Reformer article (about a proposed fee on vacant commercial buildings in Brattleboro). The Brattleboro Home Depot and its huge parking lot have been vacant for 16 years. The new fee should apply to the owner of that building. The fee should be high enough that the owner will let Home Depot out of its lease and turn the building (and its huge parking lot) into housing, or back into farmland, or a forest park like the Retreat Trails.

Heller: I definitely agree, and that building was on my mind.

On May 28, 2024 the Valley Post had the following conversation by email with town manager John Potter:

Valley Post: Re. the page 1 article from today's Reformer, would this cover the vacant Brattleboro Home Depot since Home Depot is still paying rent on the building, which has been vacant for about 16 years?

Potter: Under the definition in the first reading of the ordinance, probably not. That was a topic of discussion at the Selectboard meeting, so there may be some further options when they consider it at the second reading in June.


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