200 Acres of Farmland Saved

A land trust has saved 200 acres of farmland in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Deerfield borders Greenfield. The USA is losing 6,000 acres of open space to development every DAY. In a June 16 email to the Valley Post, a spokesperson for Franklin Land Trust confirmed the deal.

Deerfield is nationally known for protecting old buildings at great expense, as a way to help people remember history. In 1704 in Deerfield, hundreds of Native Americans killed Europeans. They did this because Europe's kings and queens had ordered their soldiers to kill thousands of Native Americans and steal their land.

According to a 2011 news article in the New York Times, "When Fernando Meza is asked about his identity, 'I tell them that I am Indian,' said Mr. Meza, a (New York City) parade participant from the Tlaxcala tribe. 'They say, "But you’re Mexican." And I say, "But I’m Indian."

According to a UCLA web site, “The U.S. Latino population reached 63 million in 2021, accounting for 19% of the U.S. population—up from 13% in 2000.... By 2060, the Latino population is projected to increase to 111 million, or 28% of the U.S. population.”


Activists in Brattleboro are celebrating a victory in their struggle to tax the rich, and save life on earth. Brattleboro, population 12,000, is the biggest town in what may be the most progressive county (Windham) in the most progressive state in the USA. Windham was the only county former Republican governor Jim Douglas lost.

On June 17, Brattleboro's state legislators voted to override a veto by the current Republican governor. The resulting law will raise taxes on second homes, and require a so-called “Act 250 permit” to build a driveway longer than 800 feet. To appeal an Act 250 permit, with or without a lawyer, see:


These appeals can take years, as in the recent case of Maple Valley in Dummerston, Vermont, which borders Brattleboro.


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