Pigs in Heaven

This video shows pigs at the New Leaf CSA farm in Dummerston, Vermont, near Brattleboro. Most pigs in the U.S. – including organically grown ones -- live in barns and never get to be on grass. Pigs prefer to have access to grass. With their noses, they can turn over large areas of sod in a short amount of time. This video was filmed in the late morning on July 16, a hot and sunny day. The pigs reserve a small area of pasture as their bathroom. Pigs don't smell bad. The pigs in this video are muddy because pigs don't sweat, so they cool off on hot days by using some of their drinking water to make a mud bath, which they roll around in.

In this video, the pigs mostly stayed in their shelter for shade. But during the early morning and late afternoon they are out in the pasture, said Elizabeth Wood of the New Leaf CSA www.NewLeafCSA.com

CSA stands for “community supported agriculture.” Joining a CSA farm allows customers to get to know their farmer, and ask about how the farmer raises the vegetables, meat, and other kinds of food that they sell. More information about CSA, and links to lists of CSA farms (with contact info) that can be searched by ZIP code, are at this federal government web page:


video by Eesha Williams


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