Matisyahu Northampton Concert October 11

Tickets are about $35 for Matisyahu's October 11 concert at Pearl Street in Northampton. Globally, his song “One Day” was one of the most popular songs of the past decade. You can hear his song "King Without a Crown" at:

Matisyahu is vegan and he serves on the board of an organization whose mission is to encourage people to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. There are several reasons to do this. One is to protect your own health. U.S. senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont wrote the introduction to the book Milk Money. On page 214, a medical doctor says that when you drink non-organic milk “you're drinking a lot of pasteurized pus.” One way to avoid that is to only eat cheese and other dairy products if they are organic, according to the book.

Farm animals are a major cause of climate change.

“Factory farms cram egg-laying hens into cages so tiny they can't even spread their wings. Breeding pigs and veal calves are stuffed into cramped individual cages barely larger than their bodies,” according to Organic farm animals have access to pasture enforced by inspectors from the federal government.

Speaking about industrial agriculture, Matisyahu told Rodale News, "It's all run by big business, therefore, it's about production and business. 'How much money can you make? How productive can you be?' When you're eating food, you don't want those things to be the top priorities."

Matisyahu's music is full of hope. He is an excellent singer.


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