Greenfield Workers Ask Public For Help

Two members of the board of directors of the co-operative that owns grocery stores in Greenfield and Shelburne Falls are working to reverse a July 25 vote by the board to recognize a newly formed union of the approximately 75 workers at the stores. That’s according to Rick Brown. He’s president of the Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO, a group of unions that represents thousands of local workers. Brown’s group has a web site at

“We need folks to come join us to stop the overturning of justice for these workers,” he said. Brown asked the public to attend a board meeting of the Franklin Community Co-op on August 8. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at Green Fields Market, 144 Main Street in Greenfield.

John Cevasco has worked as a stock clerk at Greenfields Market for more than 14 years. He also asked the public to come to the meeting and speak out in support of the workers. “It is most unfortunate that two members of the
Board are calling Co-op members and asking them to oppose our attempt to organize a union,” he said.

According to members of the co-op are allowed to attend the meeting. The site does not say if non-members can attend. But anyone can instantly become a member for one month by filling out a form and paying $10 at the co-op. The $10 is refundable at any time. If you ask for the $10 back you are no longer a member. Details are at:

The co-op board is elected by the members. The 11 member board has four vacancies, according to:

Any member can run for a seat on the board.

More information about the newly formed workers’ union is at


On Wednesday, we had an

On Wednesday, we had an independent card check. It was successful. We are a certified labor union and the next step is to form a bargaining unit to begin collective bargaining this fall.

-John Cevasco

Greenfield co-op voted 51-7

Greenfield co-op voted 51-7 last night to accept the petition of its workers to form a union. Now the petition list must be certified, and then they start negotiating a contract.

Al Norman

The Franklin Community Co-op

The Franklin Community Co-op board will hold its August 8 meeting at the Guiding Star Grange, 401 Chapman St.(corner of Chapman and Silver streets) in Greenfield, at 6:30 p.m.

-John Cevasco

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