Workers Win

In a victory for workers in Amherst, hundreds of people will get to keep their jobs. The workers used rallies and a petition to beat back their boss's layoff plans. They work at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The workers are union members. They have a web site at The victory came on September 15.

By going on strike, workers created the middle class in the 1930s. As the percentage of workers who had a union grew, equality increased. That's according to:

Starting in the 1950s and continuing until now, bosses got better at fighting unions and inequality increased. Victories like the one on September 15, and a successful 10 day strike by thousands of Stop & Shop workers last year in the Valley, are a sign that unions might be regaining power.


In Brattleboro and surrounding towns on September 21 people can start voting for Trump, Biden, and other politicians. The current Vermont governor, Phil Scott, is a Republican. He's running against Democrat David Zuckerman, who has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO and the Sierra Club.

Scott vetoed increases in the minimum wage in 2018 and this year.

On September 15, Scott vetoed legislation designed to fight global warming. The Democrat-controlled legislature will soon vote on whether to over-ride the veto.

Protecting farmland and forestland from development is one of the best ways to fight climate change. In small, rural towns in Europe, many people live car-free. Almost everyone there lives in the kind of multi-family housing found in downtown Northampton and Brattleboro, and can walk to a train station. In New York City, millionaires live in apartments.

Here in the Valley, there are half a dozen land trusts working to protect open space. Links to their web site are at


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