1,300 March, Rally; 57 Arrested

On October 25 in Amherst, 57 people were arrested for non-violent civil disobedience and about 600 marched. They were demanding UMass cut its ties with military contractors, and that Biden and congress stop funding Israel's war against Palestine. The protest organizers have a web page at www.instagram.com/umassdissenters/

From Parking Lot to Park?

Twenty people attended a peace rally in Greenfield on August 5. “We stood for peace and a ban on all nuclear weapons, just one day before the 78th anniversary of the US atomic bomb ‘test’ that destroyed Hiroshima. A second, plutonium, bomb was 'tested' on another civilian target three days later, destroying the city of Nagasaki on August 9,” Anna Gyorgy told the Valley Post. She works for a group that has a web site at www.traprock.org. The bombs killed about 200,000 people.


Concert Review: Amy Ray

The Indigo Girls are Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. In Amherst on May 13, Ray performed an excellent concert at the Drake nightclub. She had a full band, and the show was sold out. The Indigo Girls have sold more than 14 million albums and won a Grammy award. Ray and Saliers live near Atlanta, Georgia. You can hear Ray's solo music at www.Amy-Ray.com.

Labor Rally Planned

In Brattleboro on March 1, about 25 people attended a peace rally. The protesters were "calling for an end to the blockade of Yemen.... The bombing and blockade of Yemen have contributed to the largest humanitarian atrocity on earth.... Congress has voted to stop U.S. participation in the war but has failed to hold the president accountable." The organizers have a web site at:


The above quote is from that web site.


110 Rally

On November 30 in Amherst, about 110 people attended a rally for human rights in Iran. The event was organized by the Persian Student Association at UMass, and other groups. A spokesperson for the Association did not immediately reply to an email seeking comment. The Valley Post will publish their response in a future article.

In 1953, to get cheap oil, the USA's CIA organized riots in Iran's capital, Tehran. The democratically elected leader of Iran was forced out.

The USA overthrew democratically elected leaders of Guatemala (1952), Congo (1961), and Chile (1973).

Racial Justice Victory

About 200 people attended rallies in favor of abortion rights on the Fourth of July in the county that's home to Greenfield. Susannah Whipps is a member of the Massachusetts legislature and she was at the rally in Orange. “A quick count of folks in Orange was over 90 participants,” she told the Valley Post. Other rallies on July 4 were in Greenfield and Shelburne Falls.


80 People Rally

About 40 people attended a rally in Springfield on May 31. The goal was to stop a proposed fossil fuel pipeline that would go about six miles from Springfield to Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The pipeline would cost around $40 million.

Naia Tenerowicz is a spokesperson for the two groups that organized the rally. On June 1, she told the Valley Post that the groups were the Longmeadow Pipeline Awareness Group, and the Springfield Climate Justice Coalition.


85 March

About 50 people marched in Northampton on December 4 to protest mass incarceration. No nation keeps such a high percentage of its people in prison as the USA. Europe's rate is a third of ours. "We took over Main street from Smith college to the post office and back. We got a ton of positive honking responses and handed out lots of fliers along the way,” Yoav Elinevsky told the Valley Post. Elinevsky lives in Amherst and is on the board of Massachusetts Peace Action. That's one of the groups that organized the march.


150 Acres Saved

On October 31 a land trust announced 150 acres of open space in Amherst has been permanently protected from development. The USA is losing 6,000 acres of open space to development every day. Kestrel Land Trust said the town of Amherst had saved the land. The land is along West Pomeroy Lane.

550 Attend Rallies

In Amherst more than 300 people attended a rally on September 19 demanding that the University of Massachusetts do more to stop sexual assaults. In Amherst 200 or so people attended a rally on September 20 for the same issue.