110 Rally

On November 30 in Amherst, about 110 people attended a rally for human rights in Iran. The event was organized by the Persian Student Association at UMass, and other groups. A spokesperson for the Association did not immediately reply to an email seeking comment. The Valley Post will publish their response in a future article.

In 1953, to get cheap oil, the USA's CIA organized riots in Iran's capital, Tehran. The democratically elected leader of Iran was forced out.

The USA overthrew democratically elected leaders of Guatemala (1952), Congo (1961), and Chile (1973).

Today, with 4 percent of the world's population, the USA spends as much money on war as the rest of the world combined.


Chicopee, Massachusetts borders Holyoke and Springfield. On November 30 in Chicopee, a pedestrian was taken to the hospital after being hit by a car. The day before in Chicopee a pedestrian was killed by a car.

One way to solve this problem is robots that issue speeding tickets. These robots are popular where they are used in New York City and a few rural areas of the USA. They are ubiquitous in most rich nations. Details are at:


On November 27, the New York Times published a graph that showed the number of deaths (per million people) by road accidents has gone up sharply in the USA since 2019 while they have gone down in all other rich nations. In France and Japan the death rate is about a third of the USA's rate.

Despite the name, the group Walk Boston works state-wide on this issue. The group Local Motion is the Vermont equivalent.


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