Rally for Farmworker Rights

On June 10, billionaire Bill Gates told the New York Times he is building a nuclear power plant in Wyoming. In 2014, the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor closed permanently because thousands of people marched in Brattleboro, and because hundreds of people were arrested for nonviolent civil disobedience in Brattleboro and outside the reactor three miles from Massachusetts and a stone's throw from New Hampshire. Deb Katz was one of the main organizers of these protests.

330 Rally

In Northampton, about 300 people attended a rally to call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, the organizers told the Valley Post. The organizers have a web site at www.jvp.org. The rally was on February 4. On February 6 in Springfield, about 30 doctors, nurses and other health workers held a rally for the same cause. They delivered a letter signed by about 200 local health workers to congressman Richard Neal's office.

Workers Unite

On February 1 in Northampton, about 400 workers formed a union. They work in the dining halls at Smith College. The federal government conducted a secret ballot election, which the workers won overwhelmingly. The workers have a web site at www.opeiuLocal153.org.

In the 1930s, workers went on strike around the USA, forcing politicians to pass the first minimum wage laws. To this day, unions lobby to raise the minimum wage. On average, union workers make $191 more per week than non-union workers. Inequality is bad for democracy. Billionaires buy politicians.


Rallies for Abortion Rights, Affordable Housing

In Northampton on January 20 about 65 people attended an abortion rights rally, organizer Marisol Pierce Bonifaz told the Valley Post. The event was organized by the group Generation Ratify Amherst.

A major cause of climate change is overpopulation, according to:


The average American produced about 15 tons of carbon dioxide last year. The average Ugandan produced about 0.1 ton. The average Swede produced about 4 tons. That data is from:



500 People March 25 Miles

About 500 people marched 25 miles from Northampton to Springfield on December 16. They were calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. The march was organized by a group that has a web site at www.jvp.org.

In Brattleboro, there will be a rally to demand politicians stop U.S. military aid to Israel. The rally will be on December 23 at noon at Pliny Park. JVP endorsed the rally.

Brattleboro March is Nov. 18

There will be a march to demand Vermont's two U.S. senators call for a ceasefire in Gaza. The march will start by the Brattleboro food co-op at noon on November 18. "Israel is the largest beneficiary of U.S. military and foreign aid: $3.8 billion a year. A bill in congress would send another $14.3 billion to Israel this year," march organizer Dan DeWalt told the Valley Post. On November 14, the Western Massachusetts Area Labor Federation called for a ceasefire in Gaza.


Workers Win

In Greenfield about 60 people attended a rally to call on Biden and congress to stop funding Israel's war in Palestine. The November 4 rally was organized by a group that has a web site at www.traprock.org.


Thanks to the work of environmental and affordable housing activists, 15 new apartments will soon be for rent in downtown Brattleboro. The apartments are at 47 Flat Street.


Save the Forest

About 50 people in a town with a population of about 900 showed up for a meeting to save a forest. The meeting was in Wendell, Massachusetts on October 24. Wendell borders Montague, which borders Greenfield. A corporation wants to clear-cut 11 acres of forest to install a battery facility. The people who are fighting to save the forest can be reached via www.WendellForest.org.


160 Rally

A total of about 160 people attended rallies in Northampton and Greenfield calling on Biden and congress to stop giving billions of dollars to Israel's military. The USA does not fund Palestine's military. There were two Northampton rallies. They were on October 15 and 16. The Greenfield rally was on October 18. A dozen people were at the Greenfield rally, Anna Gyorgy told the Valley Post. She is part of a group that has a web site at www.traprock.org. The Northampton rallies were organized by the group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

110 at Rally

In Northampton about 110 people were at a union rally on September 21. “I was very pleased with the turnout,” Ellyana Stanton told the Valley Post in a voice phone interview on September 28. She was one of the organizers, and she is a member of the actors' union. Stanton grew up in Amherst and lives in the Pioneer Valley town of Belchertown, Massachusetts. The union has a web site at www.sagaftra.org.