Hundreds Take to the Streets to Celebrate

In Northampton, 300 or so people attended a spontaneous celebration of Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris's win when it was announced midday on November 7. Among those hundreds of people were 50 or so who attended a previously planned march for democracy that went from Sheldon Field to downtown. Dyan Wiley was a march organizer. She told the Valley Post, “Control of the senate hangs on two runoff elections in Georgia” on January 5.

In Greenfield on November 7, another spontaneous celebration merged with another previously scheduled event, a Black Lives Matter rally. Emily Greene organized the rally, which dozens of people attended. She told the Valley Post, “It was a wonderful gathering. When we heard a person yell out from their car, 'Biden won,' we all sang a song, danced and yelled. The cars started honking horns continuously like we've never experienced before. The feeling was joy with a realization that we still have a lot of work to do.”


South Hadley, Massachusetts borders Holyoke and Amherst. About 60 workers in South Hadley recently won their first union contract. They work at a school that has a web site at

Karin Kayser is one of the workers. On November 11, she told the Valley Post that, besides her, the workers on the union's bargaining committee were Felice Santorelli, Elmo Wright, and Shannon Materka. The workers have a web site at Unions reduce inequality and increase democracy.


On the same day voters elected Biden and Harris, Greenfield voters decided to invest more in protecting farmland and forestland from development. The vote was 5,438 to 3,440. One of the groups that worked to make the win happen has a web site at


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