Rain, Snow, Protest

As of April 15, the weather forecast looked good for the April 17 Brattleboro climate march. Longtime Brattleboro resident Ellen Schwartz is one of the speakers scheduled for immediately after the march. She is a retired teacher, former board chair at the Vermont Workers' Center, and is still active with that group. Nine-year-old Grace of Dummerston, Vermont has written a speech and will read it unless she feels shy. Her parents' last names are Rosa and McNamara. Dummerston borders Brattleboro.

The web site of the Center for Biological Diversity is an excellent source of information about the causes of, and solutions to, climate change.

The Brattleboro march will start at 1 p.m. at Living Memorial Park and go down Western Avenue to Pliny Park, then slowly along Main Street to the co-op. People who are unable to walk a mile in 15 minutes should join the march at Pliny Park. In case of heavy rain or blizzard conditions, the march will be postponed. If in doubt about the weather check ValleyPost.org after 9 a.m. on April 17.

This is a Covid safe, masked, physically distanced event. Bring water, masks, and signs.


“From Brooklyn Center to Northampton, the police cannot be reformed,” says the Facebook page of the group Northampton Abolition Now. On April 18 at 12:30 p.m., the group will hold a "Spring into Abolition Festival" in Pulaski Park.

According to a press release, "partner and participating organizations" for the festival include groups that have web sites at:




According to an expert interviewed by the ACLU, “Abolition is about recognizing the instinct in all of us to punish people who hurt us, or to seek retribution instead of repair, and to acknowledge that actually in order to create a society that is free from violence, we have to move away from mobilizing the state and giving the state a monopoly on violence to respond to violence. Instead, we need to dig to the root causes of violence and transform those conditions and causes, such that we can all have an opportunity to live in a world free of violence, not just people who are in positions of privilege in the current political, social, economic structure.”

That quote is from:



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